Sunday Thailand

Sunday, November 6, five days left.

Sailai took me down to the big market. I couldn’t stop taking pictures!




This large piece of machinery was the moveable form for constructing the new roadbed for the “skytrain,” Bangkok’s elevated train.


We went to Ayutthaya, the old capital of Thailand, and visited Sailai’s house. I was surprised at the size of the kitchen, especially the great number of large pots! Sailai says they are for when they feed the monks.

When asked what I wanted to have for lunch, I immediately replied, “Pad Thai. A proper Pad Thai.” So we went down to the river, a restaurant I had eaten at before on my last visit.

It was delicious!

And I got to meet Tan’s new wife. They drove 1/2 hour just to have lunch with us. It was good to see Tan again. Only 17 last visit, he was now 24 and married.


After lunch we stopped by a couple monasteries. An older one:



And a newer one, dedicated to the King only a couple years ago. In the back were thousands of rooster statues, thank you gifts for wishes granted.






Flower in Sailai’s House Garden

We drove back to Bangkok, and dropped me off at the airport. After such a wonderful trip, it is always hard to say goodbye. I promised to return.


Bangkok Airport



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