Thailand Saturday

Early morning breakfast, then a van ride to the monastery for the Kathina robe-giving ceremony.


Van Party



Ceremony Hall



Sailai lighting candles

Lunch was served half-way through the 5-hour ceremony.


The last part of the ceremony was done outside, traditionally done in the woods, where one of the monks discretely donned his new robes.

Monies were collected in an effort to complete the main hall, here showing bamboo scaffolding, bricks, and the carved main doors.

What would a monastery be without its loudspeaker tower and chickens?

Sailai’s brother was a mover and shaker in the fund raising, honored with a gift from the head monk.


After the ceremony we made a quick stop at a friend’s lovely gardens.

Then it was off to the home of an eccentric world-renowned Chiang Rai artist.

Flew back to Bangkok that evening. Love the Nok Airlines jets!


Nok Airlines


Airport Polish

Had to take a picture of the elevator at Sailai’s condominium, where the 13th floor is called 12A.


What happened to the 13th floor?



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