Chestnuts Roasting

Sunday, October 30th, 12 days left

It got cold last night. I put my head under my blanket and tucked my CPAP tubing under the blanket with me to “pre-warm” the air I was breathing. I was awakened by a call at 8:30am from my son. About 10 minutes into the call I was feeling the cold, so I put on another layer!

Later in the afternoon, the chill kept sucking the heat out of me, so I did try the “heat” setting on my heat pump. The control doesn’t go below 17C (63F), and my heat came on, so my heat pump thermostat is saying it is less than 63F in my apartment. But not too much less, because it came on for only about 15 minutes. I guess I’ll stop trying to see my own breath and put on Layer II.


Day-Old Beard

Melissa asked for a picture of me without my beard, so here I am with with a one-day growth (notice sweatshirt keeping me warm).

I’m excited because I found a phone number for the Buddhist restaurant at the Wenshu Monastery! I was checking the airport buss shuttle information on WikiTravel and read the entire entry for Chengdu. There, in the restaurant section was mention of the recently renovated (2016) restaurant. In fact, when I walked through the buffet restaurant, the missing restaurant was just upstairs! I didn’t see any stairs, or signage, but I’ve passed the reconnaissance on to Matt, who will call or ask his fiancee to call. Is the elusive Buddhist fish above the critical angle? I’ll keep casting!

Also asked Matt about where to buy a black shirt. I have been asked to wear a black shirt to respect the King’s recent passing. (The Thai are wearing black for a year.) Matt gave me the name of a store downtown, Uniqlo, which might have shirts in my size. I was on their Chinese web site and saw lots of shirts for 300-400 ¥ (too much), so I searched their sale items and found a “blowout sale” black dress shirt in a large size for 60 ¥ (just right). Who knows if the same shirt will be at the same price at the store, but it’s worth a trip downtown.

Found the airport shuttle, too. It stops right next to the American Consulate, runs every 10 minutes, and costs 10 ¥.

Went out for a photo-taking session of the new shops (published in yesterday’s blog). On my way home, I passed a street vendor roasting chestnuts in something that smelled like coal. I bought a bag of hot chestnuts for dinner.

Worked on my blog until about 2am. Here’s a selfie of my little workstation. The lighting is so bad that I cannot see my keyboard with just the overhead lighting. I have to move the desk lamp close.


Jim at his WordPress Workstation

I climbed into bed, did some Sudoku until I was ready to sleep. Wore my sweatshirt, with my hoodie over my head to keep warm.

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A child of the '50's in rural Pennsylvania, an adolescent of the '60's in southern California, and a political activist of the 1970's in northern California, I have been a husband, a college graduate, an expert witness, a banker, a father, a software entrepreneur, and a philanthropist. Today, I follow my heart by writing.
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