Feeling Better

Thursday, October 27th, 15 days left

I’m better! Thank goodness for health! Only a little sore throat left. Got a great night’s sleep after taking a couple ibuprofen and Benadryl. I took it easy all day, called in sick to my language class.

For lack of hunger and inspiration, dinner wok-roasted Sichuan honey-spicy peanuts and mock-pork steam buns.

About jamescmarch

A child of the '50's in rural Pennsylvania, an adolescent of the '60's in southern California, and a political activist of the 1970's in northern California, I have been a husband, a college graduate, an expert witness, a banker, a father, a software entrepreneur, and a philanthropist. Today, I follow my heart by writing.
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2 Responses to Feeling Better

  1. Ken Piotrowski says:

    I’m glad you’re feeling better my friend !

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