Cleaning Day

Sunday, October 23rd, 19 days left.

Slept until 11:30am.

Sundays are my cleaning day. I have a routine, which gives me some comfort and reminds me of my wife. I never used to be so clean, but now I do it to have her with me. I wash the bathroom (easy, just spray everything with the detachable shower nozzle), mop the water down the drain, dry off porcelain surfaces with my towel, dust all surfaces in the rest of the apartment (well, almost all), sweep floors, damp-mop floors, clean all dishes and counters, and I’m done! I don’t do windows.


My Sunday cleaning clothes. Notice shiny clean floor, my longer hair, and my smaller belly.

I have lost weight, a good thing. I now cinch my belt on the last hole. I’m guessing I’ve lost between 10 and 20 pounds, probably closer to 10. My floors are so clean that I don’t get dirty feet any more.

Got a call at 3pm from Jeremy. His wife had got a hold of a car and was giving a driving lesson to a friend. Jeremy asked if I wanted to come along. Why not? They picked me up at 5:30pm in front of my apartment building. “Put on your seat belt,” Jeremy suggested.

We drove past the world’s largest building (by floor area), the New Century Global Center.


World’s largest building (by floor area), the New Century Global Center

I wasn’t sure where we were going. Jeremy wasn’t sure the ladies knew where they were going, either, but we finally arrived, safe and sound, at the Bailu Wan Wetland Park.


Unknown Fall Flowering Tree



Roof tiles turned into walkway tiles

After a nice walk, and a little badminton, we drove back. We picked up Jeremy’s step-daughter and went to a local restaurant specializing in duck parts. WARNING! The following photo may disturb you. Don’t look too closely!


Various strange and exotic food stuffs

We had jelly noodles, egg custard, fried whole hot peppers (not jalapenos, but something similar), and fried green beans. Jeremy had some pork-filled dumplings. We all had sweet fried sticky rice (I think that’s what it was).

When we finished dinner, I decided to walk home. I knew exactly where I was. The restaurant was where I had been looking for Jeremy and the Starbucks only three days ago. On my way home I passed this Hello Kitty moped. I think the front wheel is supposed to be a tongue? Let’s just say it is and leave it at that.


Hello, Kitty?

My favorite part of this walk, which I have done now about 10 times, is passing the young lady who sings as she sells fruit. I smiled, waved. She smiled, waved back, without missing a note.


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A child of the '50's in rural Pennsylvania, an adolescent of the '60's in southern California, and a political activist of the 1970's in northern California, I have been a husband, a college graduate, an expert witness, a banker, a father, a software entrepreneur, and a philanthropist. Today, I follow my heart by writing.
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