Bearded Tofu

Monday, October 10th, Day 25

Another day of hiding out in my apartment. I didn’t sleep well, ended up napping in the afternoon. Got excited about using my new cotton tofu. I invented another Cali-Sino recipe. I call it “Bearded Tofu”. It’s deep-fried tofu with mushrooms and onion, served with a side of seared bean sprouts sprinkled with Sichuan honey-roasted peanuts and fresh cucumber.

Now, some of you have commented that seeing these pictures of delicious food is frustrating. So the next picture is for you. WARNING! THE PICTURE AFTER THIS ONE IS DELICIOUS FOOD!


Delicious food is gone!



Bearded Tofu

When I talked with my dad about this dish, he said it sounds more like a Thai dish. WRONG! It’s Cali-Sino! Who says? The guy who invented Cali-Sino! But it does give me an idea for another restaurant chain: Y’all-Thai 😮


About jamescmarch

A child of the '50's in rural Pennsylvania, an adolescent of the '60's in southern California, and a political activist of the 1970's in northern California, I have been a husband, a college graduate, an expert witness, a banker, a father, a software entrepreneur, and a philanthropist. Today, I follow my heart by writing.
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